*Goalie Pals in Buffalo
*Goalie Guild operator Justin Goldman coaching with us in Minnesota.

Matt Mantone
*Ear of Korn Winner

*Mitch with Braden Holtby
*Coach Petraglia teaching "power pushes".
*Coach Wells providing feedback
Brendan Williamson
*Nashville Award Winner


My grandson attended the Nashville Defense Camp. I will say this is the BEST, MOST PROFESSIONAL CAMP EVER. Thank you.

Doug Thompson
Franklin, TN

Attached is a pic with Alex and yourself with the Korn Camp hat he was awarded for "Most Determined Hardworking Goaltender" in Cincinnati. This award could not have come at a better time. Prior to camp, Alex had lost his confidence. As we drove to the rink on first morning of camp, the car was filled with more much self-doubt and nerves. The drive back to the hotel that night was a welcomed change. Alex was back along with his confidence and swagger. He excitedly talked about all the drills, friends he made, regularly questioning if we saw this save or that move or Mitch said this! His love of hockey, the love of goaltending had been there all along. With the support of you and your awesome staff, he regained more of that lost confidence each day. Thanks again to you and your amazing staff in Cincinnati for giving your much deserved off time back to the kids. We know at least I goalie that will be forever grateful! Hope to see you again next June!

Michele, Fred & Alex Mitchell
Mt. Pleasant, PA

I just have to drop you a note. As a teacher, I must say that your command of your classroom is simply amazing! On ice, to keep 40+ students plus counselors and staff organized and on point is truly a skill that is not often seen. Over the last 12 years we have been to many goalie camps…and yours is by far the tops! Your attention to the detail with every station, every student and the duties of all those that work with you is incredible. Thank you for the amount of your time that you must dedicate to make this amazing program run and to bring it to our kids. I do have one request. Do you have your opening camp speech recorded somewhere and if it is, may I use it? I would love to show that in my classroom at the start of the school year. That speech is more than just Hockey, it is about life and the choices they will make every day. Thank you again.

Sheri Carter

Thank you for all you do. I have been a coach for both football and hockey for over 20 years. I have worked with many coaches and at many camps where the coach "runs the camp" in name only. You are on the ice with the kids, giving them high fives, encouraging them to improve but more importantly teaching. You are also in the classroom giving instruction. You are readily accessible to the kids and it is really appreciated. My son really enjoyed the camp and says he learned different approaches and techniques that will help him improve. I have attached the photo of you and Tyrus. Thank you again for all that you do for the kids and the game of hockey.

Anthony Pratley
Hollywood, Maryland

We were on the waitlist and were so fortunate to get your call to add Taylor to the DC/Kettler camp. She had an amazing experience this week, talked the whole way home about everything she learned. We are already planning for next summers’ camp! Thank you!

Jennifer Wilkerson
Bristow, VA

I wanted to send a big thank you for the camp experience provided to Caleb. Caleb is so excited about his award! He was very proud, as we were. As a dad, I wanted to thank you for your words at the end to the boys, it meant a lot to hear a coach “get it” – the real reason we do this silly thing called hockey – it certainly is about more than chasing a rubber disc on some frozen water. Lots of future leaders are in your camp. Again, it is appreciated, and an experience he won’t forget.

Joe Shuker
Stoney Creek, Canada

On behalf of Noah we wanted to thank you for a wonderful camp experience. Noah is still talking about what he learned and his hope to come back next year. Thank you for taking the time to teach and encourage these young campers. The program was one he won't forget, full of important goalie skills as well as positive life-choice messages. Thank you again.

Catherine, Jim & Noah Kerr Guelph
Ontario, Canada

Just wanted to say thanks, not only for a great week at camp as usual, but thank you for everything over many years!! Your loyalty to your Goalie Guys is un-matched and because of that you have given me the opportunity to share something with my son Ryan that we both really enjoy! The goalie portion is only a small part of why us “first generation goalie campers and coaches” (yes, 30 years ago) insist on introducing our children to what you do.

Jim Kaska
Buffalo, NY

Nick and our family would like to Thank You for the opportunity to learn and train this week. We are very grateful to be at this camp and appreciate you sharing the knowledge and love of the game with the young goalies. Nick is beyond excited to receive the award. He even started reading the book that he received in the car and I will make sure he will finish reading it. Have a great end of the summer and wonderful hockey season ahead!

Nick and the rest of the Barkhimer Family
Sylvania, Ohio

I thank you for everything and for the opportunity to be part of your hockey camp. It really is a fun time and a great learning experience for all of us. The kids love your camps. Nothing beats the smiles on their faces. Thank you so much again for everything, Mitch.

Vin Merante
Buffalo, NY

Let me just say that I think the camp was terrific, and simply the best run youth sports camp, clinic, tryout, practice, you name it, I have ever seen. Helena had a great time despite being pushed harder than she ever has, and I know she (and I) learned a lot. Full credit to you and the other coaches. Hopefully we'll be able to nab a spot for her to return next year!

Steve Cerutti
Harrisburg, PA

I'm sure you hear this a lot, but I wanted to tell you that my son Drew learned more in four days at your camp then he did all last year playing travel hockey. See you next year.

Todd Stratton
Nashville, TN

We had to get on the road for a long drive on Tuesday so I didn’t get a chance to personally thank you…so…Thank You! Payton couldn’t stop talking about the camp each night, that is until he finally passed out from exhaustion. He hopefully will retain a lot of what you taught him and become a better goalie as a result. Seeing all the great goalies out there, made him realize even more, that he has to push himself a little harder each time he practices and competes. I can’t wait to see him use the skills you taught him.

Matt Mancuso
Goodview, Minnesota

Korn Camp days 3 and 4 - Andrew no longer hates any of the stations and said the ones that he didn't like earlier in the week were the most helpful because they were the hardest for him (pushes and glides and shimmies while holding a 10lb. medicine ball). I love this kid and how much he pushed himself this week. He's already excited for next year. Thanks, Mitch Korn and the rest of the coaching staff for an amazing week.

Karey Johnson
Sandy, Utah

I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the camp. Zach has never done a camp where he was taught at every station. I was amazed at how well the camp ran and how you were able to get the campers to work at each station without a bunch of standing around. The classroom was very impressive as well. He actually came out of each session and told me things that he learned. We first met you a few years ago when you came to talk to the Jr. Everblades. He really enjoyed the presentation then and loved the knowledge he learned at camp even more. I can't thank you enough for what you taught him these past four days.

Chris Menard
Naples, FL

Just a quick Thank You! My son, Cole Butler had a fantastic camp experience in Nashville and that was only made possible by your kindness of letting me know when registration would go live. I went in to work late that day so I could be sitting at my computer at 8am to get him in. We initially tried for DC and it had already filled so I frantically opted for Nashville. How awesome to be in Nashville during the Stanley Cup! It was an experience he will never forget. Thanks again and see you next year (hopefully!).

Stacy Goldsholl
Oak Ridge, North Carolina

Today we finished my son, Devin's, second year of your camp. It's what he asked (the whole family) for two years running for his birthday present. I was curious as to whether he'd love it as much the second year. No, he didn't love it as much ... he loved it even more! And that was despite not having won that Ear of Korn. He's winning that next year; you heard it here first. Thank you and your staff for giving him such joy this past week.

Nicole Phillips
Brentwood, TN

My son Avery attended your Buffalo camp this summer. It was an amazing and eye opening experience for him. Thank you.

Tawnya Bernardi
Barrie, Ontario Canada

I wanted to wait until you were done with camps to say "Thank You" for the job that you did in Niagara. This was one of the best camp experiences, in terms of coaching and organization, that we have been to. As an educator I appreciated the way that each drill and session built upon the previous one in order to help the goalies develop each technique. This was fantastic! Your staff was excellent and patient with the kids, and even the parents. I asked Holden at the end of camp what he thought, because I know that he got called out a couple of times, and he really enjoyed it. He understood what for and why he got called out each time which will help him grow. I think that it was especially good for myself not to be involved and to just sit back and to watch him with the others. This gave me a lot of information about him especially his lack of focus - we are going to work on this :) Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks again and take care.

Kyle Bates
Buffalo, NY.

Just a quick note of thanks for the time and energy that you and your guys put into these camps. Nate is now a vet of his 4th camp with you at the old age of 12, but I got to see it firsthand this year. Your message and direct delivery reinforces everything I hope he gains from hockey. Be prepared, be ready to work, take criticism, integrate into a team, be responsible, be appreciative, I can go on and on. You certainly don't need to hear it from me but what you do for the kids that listen, that get it, and Nate does is something that will have meaning for them their whole life. Thanks again and hope the best for you.

Bo Glenn
North Carolina

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for an amazing camp experience for our son Calvin! He had such a great time and loved every second. He is already talking about when he comes back next year and I think he will be applying to be a camp counselor as soon as he is old enough. I had heard wonderful things about you and your camp, but my expectations were far exceeded. Not only was I thoroughly impressed with the goalie portion of the camp, but I also blown away with the other aspects. I loved the messages you sent through to the kids to be kind, do the right thing, thank their parents, trust your gut, respect your defensemen, not lose your composure, and so much more. Everyone was awesome and we are just so thrilled we came out to St. Louis early so he could do the camp. Calvin has never gotten the chance to experience the brotherhood of "goalies" and it was a great experience for him…plus he thinks you are the funniest person alive… so there is that too... Good luck tonight & we look forward to next year!

Renee & Nick Vachon
Los Angeles, California

Thank you very much for giving Justin the most improved player award at this year's Northford, Ct. camp. We thoroughly enjoyed your program including our 11 year old daughter who gladly gave up sightseeing to come to the rink and listen to your drills. Great luck.

Chau Cheng
New Jersey

We just completed the Buffalo Korn camp, my first Korn Camp since the early 90's, and it was truly a great experience! I cannot thank YOU and Justin Goldman enough for the Goalie Guild Mentorship Scholarship. The program was fast paced, full of innovative drills, and insightful classroom discussions. I'll be taking what I learned from this week and immediately passing it on to my youth goalies at my organization, which is truly priceless! In addition, I met a great group of coaches, they were welcoming from the minute I got there and made me feel like this was not my first camp with them but my tenth! Once again thank you, keep up the great work, and I look forward to the next time we meet!

Jim Graham
Buffalo, NY.

Mitch, Finally Mikey is putting his gear on by himself...Not only did your NEWBURGH camp make Mikey a better goalie, but it inspired him to learn to put his own gear on. He loved it and it's all he talks about, and for him to be named goalie of the week, it's just incredible. The amount of pride I have for him is unexplainable. Again, I humbly thank you for all you do for the kids.

Mike and Sunny Sitler
Long Island, NY

I thought I would wait until all camps were done before I emailed you. I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to mentor in Northford. If I am 1/2 as good as you one day, then I will be twice as good as anyone else. Thanks again.

Jeff Taylor
London, Ontario Canada

Wow, what an amazing program! Last Mitch Korn camp of the summer... We are so grateful for the friendships we have made through hockey: Mindy Parmentier-Allison and her son Troy came down to be a shooter. Troy learned a ton but will never 'truly' be in the mind of a goalie. So grateful to Mitch and his amazing selfless coaches and staff (& although we miss Sam Mignoli he is alive in our hearts on the ice forever). Thank you Mitch!!! You are the very, very best!

Lorna Basse
Northern Virginia

Another great week of Korn Camp in the books. Thank you to all of the awesome coaches and counselors...Dylan worked hard and had a blast! We couldn't have asked for more.

Michelle Brennan Stefan
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

I have say thank you for to my friends for recommending the Mitch Korn Goalie Camp to us. The challenges, the experiences and the knowledge these kids intake in these 4 days is definitely amazing. Greatest goalie camp there is!

Jennifer Gerichten Burkshot
New Jersey

6 years with Mitch Korn at his program and every year it gets better! Thanks for an awesome camp! Sad I am missing the last day tomorrow. Thanks to all the coaches for being so great with the boys. #childrenofthekorn

Jeana Schauer Inzirillo
Long Island, NY

What a fun program, and I learned so much. Definitely looking forward to getting back to work this fall. Thanks again Mitch for the opportunity and everything along with it. Thanks also to the staff for making me feel like I was a part of the group. Everyone was just amazing this week. And finally, the kids. The real reason I do this stuff. Absolutely amazing group of kids, that were a total blast to be around and work with. Your structure brought out the best in them.

Bret Carpenter
Toldeo, Ohio

I enjoyed your camp immensely! I liked how you were able to think outside the box and create new coaching methods. I really enjoyed the ways you were able to incorporate off ice training to the ice. My favorite part of this was the medicine ball. The reason why I liked this was because it showed me how I am able to practice with anything and there are no excuses. I also enjoyed this exercise because it was physically demanding and works on areas that we cannot work that hard usually. Also the classroom and all the little aspects showed me almost double of what I had known about goaltending. For example, when you go to the post in either post knee up or reverse VH, I had not known that the foot positioning affected the play that much. I really enjoyed your camp and thank you so much for being there in person and enhancing my play.

Remi DeSmith
Torrington, CT

I just wanted to write you a quick note from Aleksei and I and say a HUGE Thank You for your time and teaching in the Cincinnati Camp. Our goal next year is to make both DC and Cinci. Aleksei enjoyed the camp so much, the lectures and the on ice training has been not just very educational but also so much fun. He woke me up every morning waaayyy ahead of time to make sure he was on time and ready to go. Never seen my son with so much drive. He has been so lucky to work with Scott Murray the last 2 years and now you, " the icing on the cake". In the 4 days of interaction with you Aleksei has gain more motivation to work harder than I have ever seen. I cannot wait to see what the upcoming season brings.

Oxana and Alekesi
Hershey, PA

We wanted to thank you so much for the amazing camp this week in Cincinnati! Aaron had the time of his life and learned so much from you and all of the excellent coaches. In fact, he said he would like to take this camp all summer, if he could! We appreciate all you and the coaches did to make this an unforgettable learning experience for him! Thank you.

Bruce & Christy Sibert
Liberty Township, Ohio

You won't find better instructors ANYWHERE! NOT because of their hockey knowledge (which is unparalleled), but because they CARE. Thank you, Mitch, for hiring goalie coaches with heart. It makes all the difference in the world!

Michelle Shuler

One of the best weeks of Michael's life. He is still smiling. Cannot wait to get on the ice and show his team what he learned. Thanks again Mitch Korn, John, Justin and Sam for an incredible experience.

David Rosenthal
North Brunswick, NJ

Mitch, wanted to let you know that my daughter's goalie Matt Brown who went to your camp this summer stood on his head yesterday in our first game of the season and was the star of the game. His dad said that your camp made a huge difference!! Hope all is well.

George Jordan.
Alumni camper and coach, Ct.

I wanted to write a quick thank you for the goalie camp at Kettler at the end of July.  I am the adult goalie who had to go back to work unexpectedly and missed the last day.  I learned a huge amount and am very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you and your assistants.  In particular Scott was very helpful.  All the training aids were very valuable, as you know.  The involvement of the Capitol’s staff and players were a great extra bonus for a caps fan like me.   Thank you again.

Thomas Andrews
Northern Virginia

Thanks again to you and your staff for such a great week.  JP had a blast and learned so much.  He hasn't stopped talking about the camp and I can barely get him to take his Korn Camp shirt and hat off!  By the way.....it looks as though I am getting transferred up by the DC area.  Will you be doing any clinics or camps in that area now?

Leon Kirkpatrick
Cincinnati Camp via Georgia

Hi Mitch, My son and I attended your Cincinnati camp this past June and had a great experience, Elijah met a lot of kids which he got to know and he had ton of fun with his new friends. What he gained from you and your team of helpers was invaluable and has already made a great impact on his game. We started practicing for the upcoming season in mid-July and he has been incorporating all that he has learned. He can’t wait to attend your camps next year and is looking forward to seeing you again for more insight and fun. We hope to share some good news with you on how this season goes next time we see you. Good luck on your upcoming season with Washington, and we will be back.

Elijah and Frank Grant
Sarnia, Ontario

We wanted to follow up to thank you for running a terrific camp in Duluth.  Sam absolutely loved the camp.  We will look forward to learning the dates for next year and putting it on our calendar.  Our family made a nice vacation of it in Duluth and we plan to do so again.  While impressed by the stations we observed by watching, we were most impressed by your remarks in the opening and closing sessions as well as the staff you assembled.  You did a nice job in the opening session of connecting with the kids, highlighting the importance of always doing their best, and setting the stage for them to respect each other and work hard.  We both greatly appreciated the message in the closing session about encouraging the goalies to do well in school, do the right thing, and be good people.  Solid life advice!  Thanks again for running a wonderful camp. We look forward to it next year!

Greg and Stacy Schumacher

Thank you so much for an amazing 4 days for our girl, Katherine.  She came home exhausted and smiling every single day and she learned so much at your camp.  She made awesome new friends too and the girls are already talking about making sure they go to the same camp next year.  

Katherine will be playing for the Washington Pride in Rockville this year and she said that she feels better about the upcoming season after working with you and your coaches this past week.  We will be rooting for the CAPS again this year and we'll keep an eye out for you at Kettler.

Emily and Mike Donovan
Falls Church, VA

As always … you, your camp and the counselors did not underwhelm. The Niagara Camp was awesome. We look forward to next year’s camp already. We very much appreciate you sharing your time and wealth of knowledge. You teach so much more than the position — life skills, pride and accountability. You are what makes this sport great. Thanks again,

Kevin Beals

Mitch, you've helped us greatly in so many aspects. Ciriaca’s goalie skills are fantastic due to you and your camps. As an athlete and Sports Instructor myself, watching the Time, Passion, Goalie skills and Life skills you bring to each camp is amazing. Thank you for everything!!  You're truly a blessing to the Children of the Korn. 

Sandy Petitto

We want to send a heartfelt “Thank You”.  This year was Michael's fifth camp, in five different places, with you and your team, and it was again an amazing experience for him. Thank you again for not only teaching him goaltending, but reinforcing the important things like respect, responsibility and hard work.  Too many amazing memories and funny stories to recount, but know that we (even our 3 year old!) often quote you through the year ("figure it out"!), and Michael draws on his yearly dose of Korn throughout the season.

We hope you enjoy the attached photo collage - yes, Michael has apparently grown, but you seem to have discovered the Fountain of Youth there in Florida; how else to explain the fact that you haven't changed over those six years? Maybe that means we can count on you to always hold these camps? We have a 3 year old and 1 year old after all. I suppose at the very least we still need to go to Minnesota and St Louis camps before either you or Michael retire. Thank you sincerely.

David, Jennifer, Michael, Addison and Kaitlyn Moore  
Waxhaw, NC

I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and consideration that, clearly seen by observers, goes into your camp. John has learned a new goalie philosophy and mentality that will serve him well in the net this coming season!  You certainly are a teacher, teaching not only hockey, but important life skills, respect for others, listening and eye contact when spoken to, doing your very best, the ability to push yourself, and possibly laugh at yourself at the same time! Each goalie goes home being a stronger goalie.  I know John did!  We look forward to coming back next year and gaining even more out of the sessions!  Much appreciation to you.

Michelle and John Purdy
Newburgh Camp

Overcoming an extensive bone graft surgery Misha Saratovtsev won Mitch Korn's most improved award. When asked how he did it, Misha's response was, "Mitch is the best coach in the world".  Thank you for everything you do!

Vadim and Misha
Pensacola, Fla

We just wanted to send a thank you for the camp you did at Niagara.  This was our son's first goalie camp and you and your staff exceeded our expectations.  Not only did you teach them the skills they need as a goalie but the life lessons you talked to the kids about were very important to us as parents.  

Our son had a busy schedule that week as he is the catcher on his baseball team.  We ran from camp to Lockport and made it to his games with minutes to spare.  I wanted to share a play with you that caused quite a roar of applause and the parents commenting about the goalie camp he just attended.  Typically, Joel is the only catcher on his team. Two of our regular pitches weren't able to make last game so Joel was asked to pitch.  He had 2 great innings and his team won but the play that left everyone roaring with applause was when a line drive came low to Joel's glove side.  Without hesitation, he reacted and grabbed that ball like nothing.  All the parents turned to me and said how beneficial that goalie camp was and we couldn't agree more.  Thank you, again, for what you do and how you do it.  

Larry and Kiersten Ryndak
Lockport, NY

Attached is a photo of you and Cooper from the July Buffalo Korn Camp.  Coop said that is was the hardest camp he has been to but he had a great time.  He is looking forward to next year’s camp..

Brian Rautenstrauch
West Seneca, NY

My father said he ran into you, and the children of the Korn this summer in Northford.  Good to hear those youngsters are having the same, or better, experience I had some many years ago! Even though I never made it to the show, the lessons I learned from your camps and a little tough love, has helped me get where I am today. Thank you!  Good luck to you and 'tenders as the NHL season approaches!  Regards…

Alden Reed

I would like to thank you and your staff for an amazing 4 days. The amount of time and effort put forth to make this camp what it is has not gone unnoticed. Speaking on my son's behalf he said he learned a lot and really enjoyed himself.  It was quite an honor to have Ethan receive the goalie of the week award. Looking forward to seeing you next year. All the best.

Karen Bourdos
Richmond Hill, Canada

I am very proud of my son Ryan for working very hard at Korn Camp, and for being recognized by the BEST goalie coach in the game as the hardest working kid at camp.  Thanks Mitch.

Paul Thomas
Northford Camp

Our son, Sam, began to participate in Coach Mitch Korn's goalie camp four years ago. Sam was the youngest goalie in this camp. To be honest with you I was a little uneasy with him being the youngest. Coach Korn gave me a firm lecture before the camp even began. "Sam has to do everything on his own. You can't help him. He is no longer a momma's boy here." I heard his words and remained in the stands. Sam was the fourth goalie ready to go and on the ice. I was relieved.  I remained at the arena each day of camp. I was impressed by the different stations to learn and improve different skills. I would hear Coach telling these goalies, "If the puck goes in, get up and start again. And my very favorite one, "Never blame your teammates for a puck that goes past you."  He emphasized the
importance of being respectful, responsible and independent.  And his biggest lesson of all is to have fun.

The things Coach Korn teaches these goalies and defenseman are lessons the can be used on and off the ice. I know this to be true. You see, when my son was ten years old and one of his surgeons comes to tell us that Sam has cancer -- Sam's second sentence to all of us was, "We've got this." It was his "game on" look. I believe his mental strength and positive attitude has been reinforced by all of his great coaches, especially Coach Korn.  Thank you for all that you do Coach Korn. Our family adores you.

Nicole Anderson
Hermantown, MN

Thank you for a memorable camp in Duluth, Nathan had a blast. As you obviously observed he loves playing the game, and being challenged.  You, the camp and your staff did just that. He just played a tournament last weekend did great, probably the best he has ever played. It was awesome to see great results. We had to dehydrate the Ear of Korn and will be making a plaque with the photo and corn, a memorable trophy. Keep him on your radar, and I'm sure we will see you again next summer. Thank you again.

Jill and Nathan Pitek
Duluth, MN Camp

Hey coach Korn, it's Erris. I just wanted to send this to you to say thank you once again for an awesome 4 days at your goalie camp in Nashville. Each and every day was hard work and I can honestly say I learned a ton from who I believe to be the best goalie instructor on the planet and I pushed myself harder than I think I ever have before. Over a year ago when I got my first set of gear and I knew I wanted to attend your camp. With all the guys you worked with, including my inspiration and the reason I wear number 31 Grant Fuhr, I knew it was a camp I had to be at.  Coach your camp taught me even more to expand my skills. I hope to attend your camp many more times. You're hilarious and an excellent coach. Thank you for pushing me and believing in me and selecting me for an award I never thought I would even be nominated for. THANK YOU!!

Erris Brown
Atlanta, GA

Damien did Mitch's camp last summer in Newburgh, NY and had a blast!  He is already signed up for Newburgh again this year. Damien learned so much at the camp that I wouldn't even think of trying a different one now.  He did Pro Ambitions goalie camp in Howell the year before and it's not even close to what Mitch does with the kids.  Mitch is always on the ice during the on ice parts, and the kids are always moving and learning.  There are many other good coaches on the ice with Mitch, like Terry, always correcting and encouraging the goalies.  Very professionally run.  But, the best thing about Mitch is that he is really caring and focused on developing the kids as goalies and as good people.  He does this in a way that is tons of fun for the kids, and for the parents that hang around watching.  If Mitch wasn't a goalie coach he would be a stand-up comedian.  The kids worked hard, but were always smiling.  I also like that Terry has worked with Mitch, because that's what gets reinforced at Terry's clinic.  If anyone has any doubts about Mitch's camp, I highly recommend it!

Linda Strollo
New Jersey

Thank you again for all the work you and your staff have put into your program.  Dan has been attending your camp for the past 3 summers.  This year seems to be the year that everything has "clicked" for him.  The travel season for his team had started in August and is still ongoing.  Dan has been having some of his best games to date.  He has four shutouts so far this year and in league play his GAA is 1.38 and a save percentage of .089.  All that while he has been playing against the better teams in the league (his net partner gets the "easier" teams).  His form has been phenomenal and opposing coaches have been given him kudos in the handshake line.  Without the work ethic and training that your camps provide he would not be able to perform at this level.  I have attached two photos that I was able to grab during game play (photography is my hobby, and also allows us to keep tabs on his form).

Mike Berkowitz
Newburgh Camp

Thank you for sharing your passion, instilling a hard-work ethic and inspiring all to be the best they can be in everything they do!  Korn Camp exceeded my expectations.  I was impressed with the one on one instruction, the variety of drills and the results!  WOW, what you do is truly amazing…thank you!    Your energy...your enthusiasm...your efficiency....your staff...are AWESOME!   We wish you all the best in upcoming "changes" and look forward to seeing you at camp in Nashville in years to come!

Kim, Eric & Tyler "Smiley" Welch
Smyrna, TN

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the camp at Niagara University.  Your camp is the simply the best there is!  Scott and I enjoyed ourselves very much.  You have such a positive impact on Scott.  You push him to learn and improve not only as a goaltender but as a person.  I truly appreciate that.  The passion and enthusiasm that you bring every day is a special thing.  The kids are very fortunate to have a mentor like you.  Scott told me that he was so lucky to go to your camp over the past 4 years and that he is so thankful for your efforts that bring excitement every day!  Thank you for the goalie instruction but your efforts in teaching the kids how to be good people is simply awesome. Best of luck with your transition to the Capitals.  They are lucky to have you.

Mitch Perry
Huntsville, Ontario

Thanks again to you and your staff for such a great week.  JP had a blast and learned so much.  He hasn't stopped talking about the camp and I can barely get him to take his Korn Camp shirt and hat off!  By the way.....it looks as though I am getting transferred up by the DC area.  Will you be doing any clinics or camps in that area now?

Leon Kirkpatrick
Cincinnati Camp via Georgia

Just a quick note to thank you for such a wonderful camp experience for my son last week in Nashville. It was far and away the best training of any kind my son has had the opportunity to be involved in. Your “messages” to the kids were as valuable for them to hear as the ice instruction and have already made a substantial impression on my son Zack Buzek.  A hearty congratulations and continued success to you on your new post with the Capitals.  I was the father who meandered too close to the glass to watch my son but found my appropriate spot in the stands.

Todd and Zack Buzek
Atlanta, Georgia

You've had a great influence on so many young and old tenders over the years, including myself. Thank you. Good luck with the Caps!!

Tom Askey
Buffalo, NY
Former Pro Goalie

There are no better stories or lessons provided than those Mitch provides. My son is both a better goalie and a better person for knowing Mitch

Paul McElhenny
Hastings, PA

You know that you have made a difference in lives of many, not only by improving their game, but in improving their self confidence and hockey awareness, You have made invaluable contributions to the goalie position and to hockey. At birthday time we often reflect on our life, so please know you not only have done well, you have done it with humor, selfless giving, brilliance and for the love of the game.

Tracy McFarland Smith
Murfreesboro, TN

I'm thinking you have ESP along with your other talents!   I was just thinking about shooting you a note.  Life is funny sometimes. We are immeasurably grateful for your friendship and mentoring of Matthew.  I want you to know how much Matthew respects and admires you.  Your follow up means the world to him and us as well.  How is your new position in DC?  Hope all is going very well. Thanks again.

Leslie Gramstrup
Duluth, MN

Here is the pic of Noah receiving the Ear of Korn award. Thank you!!  He won't stop staring at it in the hotel.  Just wanted to again say THANK YOU for this unbelievable experience for him. His tool box grew dramatically and he has developed so much just in these past 4 days. Can't wait to see you next year and maybe we can connect at an NHL game this season. Take care!

Brent Schacht
Toledo, OH

Thanks for everything this past week. We ran outta there. I had to get back home. Ty took away a ton. It sinks in more and more every year. We are looking into a private school that has a very structured hockey team and will focus more on his academics.  I think he is finally realizing the extra effort is what it takes to move forward in life and hockey. I also wanted to thank you myself for bringing the best out of me. I return home from working camp with a refreshed outlook on business and personal issues. I have built my business on the fact that we are the best at what we do and we go the extra mile on projects in order to give customers the most value for their money. It works. Your approach is motivating and I am thankful for the opportunity to be involved. This is not me just kissing your butt.  I truly mean every word!  Thank you!  See you next year. Ty is 14 now and only have a year or two left before he will be asking to work the camps.

Rick Barkley
Pittsburgh, PA

After Sam spent some time at your camp last year in Duluth, we came home to Milwaukee raving about what a fantastic camp it was. We couldn't stop talking about it to the other goalie parents in the area.  This summer, both Jason Cooke and Nick Ahlers are currently at your camp in Buffalo and from what I'm hearing, they're having a great time. They and their families are equally as impressed as we have been and are thrilled with the quality and creativity of the camp.  So, I just wanted to say thank you for consistently delivering an outstanding experience for our kids. Your staff is top-notch, the attention to detail is second-to-none and it is special to know that the kids are learning a lot about self-respect and accountability. I am usually reluctant to recommend programs to people, but your camp is the one recommendation I make without hesitation. Thanks for making me look good!

Genina Berger
Duluth '13, St Louis '14, Nashville '15

Mitch, it's Zac Zehnder from your Nashville Camp and I just can't even tell you how much I have improved in the 3 years of your camp. Nashville is going to miss you and I know Pekka will too. Good luck in DC…you're a great coach!  Thanks again for a great camp. Xander had a great time and learned a lot.  We asked him a couple of days later what he like best about the camp and he said “Mitch doesn’t take crap.”    As parents, your balance of fun, expectations, discipline, and instruction is very refreshing.  You give no pause or acceptance for not trying or doing it right.  Thank you!!

Xander's Dad
Nashville Camp

Thanks for a SUPER goalie & defenseman camp. This is my boys' 2nd year & they have been talking about all the new stuff they learned this year. Your knowledge, enthusiasm & "yuks" make them want to come back again next year!  I can't wait to see them use all they learned in the coming hockey season. Thanks again!  

Ann DeWitt
Dubuque, IA

I just want to give you feedback on what an awesome program you are running. This was Chandler's second year at Korn Camp in Nashville. He had so much fun. He absolutely loves the counselors that you have every year. Rambo is his favorite. You all make hard work fun and I love how the counselors interact with the kids. They seem very happy to be part of your team. We have done other camps and the staff just "did their job". No personal investment or relations with the children at all. This is so much better. Thanks so very much for getting Chan excited and pumped up for the upcoming travel season. We shall see you next June!!

Shena Link
Owensboro, KY

I don't know if you remember me but I went to your Nashville camp this summer. My name is Justin Salazar. You came up to me mid camp and told me I had a lot of skill but I lacked work ethic. Well, I wanted to say thanks for that. It really helped me to work very hard every second after you said that. I went on this season to go 33-1 with a GAA below 1.8 and save percentage above 91% and a runner-up finish at nationals. I owe a lot to you.

Justin Salazar
Moneka, IL

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for an incredible camp experience for Cooper.  Because the camp is so organized and well-run, you and the staff are able to maximize the time spent actually LEARNING and honing the goalies' skills rather than wasting time on unnecessary 'time-filler' activities.   Every single minute of the camp was jam packed with useful information.  He learned more in the four days of your camp than he has in the last two seasons of hockey.  We were thrilled with this experience...it was worth every penny spent.    We will be back again next year!  Thanks again!

Stephane, Mark and Cooper VanderMeulen
Omaha, Nebraska.

Thank you so much for an amazing experience at goalie camp.  I learned so much about my responsibility as a goalie, and lots of great skills!  Some of the drills tested my physical and mental toughness, but I DID IT!  I am super excited to go back next summer!   It was the best four days of my summer and i was bummed when it ended! I am very grateful to you and everyone who taught me so much!

Abby Edstrom
Virginia, MN.

Thank you for a great week at camp.  My 11 year old son Luke attended and was proud to be awarded 'Most Approved.'  He takes his position very seriously and works hard to get better.  In the beginning I was skeptical of his interest (cool pads, less skating) but soon found out that he was in it for the long haul (at least one more year) so I've worked to help him achieve his goal which can be difficult with two other sons in hockey.  Honestly there wasn't a lot of information out there about developing a new goalie.  Camp helped a ton. Thank you,

Peter Kerwin
Clarence Center NY.

Coach…I just wanted to let you know how much my son Mac Beatrice enjoyed your camp in St. Louis. It was his first intense goaltending experience and he came away with even more desire to become the best player he can be. This is thanks to you and your staff. After the first day, he felt inferior to the many goalies in attendance. He then figured out that he had only been playing goal for one year and had a lot to learn, and that your camp was going to help him do that. He was full of energy the rest of the week and got so much out of your time with him. His week was complete when you awarded him the Mr. Absorbent Award.  He saw that you and the staff recognized his hard work and determination. It was a week that was invaluable to him, both as a goalie, and a student of the game. Thank you so much for your time and energy and we are looking forward to next year’s camp. I have enclosed a picture that you may use if you choose to.  Thanks again.

Bob Beatrice
Webster Groves, MO..

Thanks for the great camp you and your staff put on in Duluth.  It’s very professional and fun. My son Easton loved it and learned a ton and is already talking about next year’s camp. Thanks again and good luck. By far the best camp I have seen.

John Siekkinen
Kelly Lake, Minnesota

I want to reiterate what I said earlier today. You are a fantastic coach and motivator of children. I had heard great things about the camp and to be quite honest, it was much better than expected. Logan really picked up a lot and felt a lot more confident at the end of camp. He loved your coaching style and the interaction. He was disappointed he didn't win an award, but didn't feel he deserved one either. This is a motivator for him for next year's camps…he is hell bent on attending more than one camp. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you soon. 

David Pfieffer
Cleveland, Ohio.

Dylan and I can't thank you enough for another great camp in Newburgh!  After the first day and again today, he asked if it was too soon to register for next year.  I noticed a big difference in him from last year to this year with in the camp. In addition he was very excited and proud to receive the shirt as an award winner. Thanks for all the training that you gave me and all the goalies.

Dawn and Dylan Nault
Rhode Island.

It's Mark Senna writing and touching base. I just want to thank you again for creating such a fun and rewarding camp. As an adult in a camp of youngsters I wasn’t sure what to expect. But as the days went by my knowledge of the changes in the position grew immensely and having the kids around reminded me of how much fun playing hockey can be.  It is without question that I will not only return to one of your camps (Ct.) next summer, but will also help spread the word of your teachings here on the east coast and in the Boston area.

Mark Senna
Boston, Mass


Let’s not discuss hockey today, but the positive influence some individuals can have on young people. As a parent, I want to thank you for being such a positive role model for my sons Mike and Chris. You have taught them not only to be better goalies and to enjoy a great sport, but I am convinced that you have helped me make them better people. My goal as a parent is to make my children successful, not in terms of money, but in terms of being responsible and caring for others. Mike and Chris will interact with many people as they mature. Some will try to take them down the right path, others will not. I can only hope they meet more people like yourself that help to reinforce my messages. I believe that one day we will all be judged on not only what we did in our lives, but what those we have influenced have done. I think you will be in good company my friend, not as someone who helped a young goalie get a shutout, but as someone who influenced a young goalie to give up a Saturday to help stock a food pantry or to stop and help a stranded motorist. Thanks for all you do and please don’t stop!

John Stier
St. Louis, Mo

Your camps are great.  They gave our son the added boast in skills, confidence, understanding that really helped him in goal and off ice.  You may not remember Mike, he came to Newburgh the last two summers.  He was new to ice hockey in the fall of grade 9.  He worked hard and made the high school team.  By grade 11, now he is their lead goalie.  Thanks.

Amy Eckel
New York.

I wanted to let you know that my son Cameron, who attended your D-man camp in St. Louis this summer, did very well at tryouts, thanks much I'm sure to things he learned from Norm and your other instructors.  He is now on a good Squirt A1 team and was in very close consideration for AA as a first year squirt -- only 2 of the 15 kids on that AA team were first years, none of them D, but he was very close.  He has also done some practicing with Tier 2 kids lately and I think he could definitely be at that level next year if we choose to pursue it, but we're trying not to worry about that until this season wraps up.  Exposure to the defensive concepts in your camp combined with always refining skating skills has made Cam one of the best one-on-one covers at this age group.  He is representing you well.  Please let Norm and Patrick know that we greatly enjoyed the camp this year and hope to see you again next year.  I have recommended it to multiple people in town, as well as the goaltending camp.  Your organization was very impressive and Cam and I are looking forward to a repeat next year.

Mike Coats
St. Louis, MO.

I hope all is well. I would just like to say congrats to you and the Nashville Predators. On a side note I just want to comment on a story NHL.com has posted, in which you have been highlighted.  They praise you on how good of a goalie coach you are and I have to say that I agree. However they probably do not know what kind of a life coach you are. Whether you know it or not, attending your goalie camps (years ago) was an experience that has helped me in so many aspects of my life. In addition to making me (a no name goalie from Georgia) a competitive and competent goalie, your camps pushed me to my limits.  I am now in school and unfortunately do not get many opportunities to play hockey. I am extremely busy both with a full time job, taking class and studying for med school. I do not think I would be able to handle the stress load that I do if it weren't for you. 

I remember specific situations where I was ready to give up on school and I literally stopped and remembered your camps, how you motivated everyone and it truly helped me get through some hard times.  I am very sorry for rambling because I know you are very busy and don't have much time for this, but I just wanted you to know that while you have done some amazing things with professionals, your impact does not stop there and that while not every goalie you instruct will go on to be a hockey star, I can guarantee that you have an impact on hundreds and thousands of lives on a yearly basis that I am thankful for. Never stop being the Mitch Korn that we all found a way to love. 

Caleb Voelkel

I have been meaning to write you and thank you for putting on such a great camp last year in St. Louis.  This season is our son's first year of travel hockey, and we were hopeful that your defenseman camp would help prepare him for tryouts and for the season.  During the camp, we were very impressed and knew it was well worth our time and money to travel over from Topeka.  Following travel tryouts this fall, we also saw the benefits of the camp on the ice, as our son was light years ahead of where he was last year and was offered a spot on our AA team as a first year Squirt.  But the biggest indicator of the success of your camp came recently. We were approached by the parents of every defenseman on his team this year, as well as two of the forwards, asking for information on your camp so they could send their kid this summer.  We have also been asked for information from two different goalie parents as well who heard us talking about the camp.  It’s really hard to come up with a better endorsement of your camp than parents who have seen the results in our son asking for information so they can enroll their kids next summer.  Simply put - the results speak for themselves.  We were more than happy to share your information with all of the families here in Topeka & Kansas City that we know and give as strong of an endorsement of your camp as possible.  You guys do a wonderful job and we are looking forward to being a part of it again this summer.

Kevin Grauberger
Topeka, KS.

I wanted to share with you that he heard what you or one of the coaches taught him at camp.  Twice now (once early this season and again tonight) he was down and there was a scramble and the puck got free.  His defensemen aren't always quick to help with the clear.  He remembered, "Shooters will become lazy and slide it along the ice.  Seal the ice and let them beat you high."  He did and they were lazy and no goal either time.  He really enjoyed the camp last summer and we've recommended it to other goalies we know.  He's playing strong and with confidence.  Thanks!

Susie Pisoni
Chesterfield, MO.

This is long overdue, but I just wanted to thank you for your work with Matthew and all the kids at your camp in Buffalo. It was a terrific experience and one that will benefit Matt both on and off the ice. He is back with his team and working hard, with new pads by the way.  He's in 33 plus one pro stock, ouch!  Anyway thanks again and I'll see you at training camp.

John Forslund
Carolina Hurricanes

I wanted to send you this e-mail to tell you how much I appreciate you coming to Cincinnati to teach us how to become better goalies physically, mentally, and emotionally. I've had fun in the three years now that I've been in your camp and I look forward to renewing my brain every summer by updating the “50 ram Best Goalie in the World program”.  I think that the most important thing that I've learned is how to recognize where the puck is going right off the stick and focusing on the game and not the goal that the opposing team might have just scored.  Today you taught me more about the fundamentals of handling the puck than my goalie coach did all last year! Thank you so much for the opportunity to become the best goalie I can be and I can say without hesitation that I will do what it takes to become the Best Goalie in the World someday. Thank you so much,

Justin Clarke
Kettering, OH

Having fun while competing.
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