*Personal Attention

*Medicine ball training for power, quickness and arm control

*Teaching head position with the "goalie leash"

All sign-ups were done ON LINE Monday Jan. 11 at 9am (est.). ALL GOALIE CAMPS ARE NOW FULL. Camps sold out almost instantly. Availability was very limited due to the cancellation of all 2020 camps, and the “rolling over” of most 2020 enrollees into 2021. It was the easiest and fairest way to manage the virus circumstances. Demand far exceeds our supply. We are proud of what we have created, but sad that we can only accept a fraction of those who wish to attend.

PLEASE JOIN THE WAIT LIST by clicking the Online Registration tab to the left. By joining the waitlist, it gives you a chance, and allows us to communicate with you in the future. Thank you.

PLEASE, read the “ON-LINE REGISTRATION /PAYMENT DETAILS” in any camp brochure. Each camp’s Final Information Sheet (found in Camp Forms on the left side of this page) provides information regarding check-in, credit card use and fees, refund policy, balance of payment, lunches, hotels, etc. NO MAIL or E-MAIL WAIT LIST APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED


*Duluth Team Picture

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Locations, Dates, and Brochures
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*Kade Ackley
Cincy Award Winner


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